Tomi Lahren: I’m So Sick of Celebs, Elitists

Anytime there’s an incident involving gun-related violence, Democrats can’t wait to exploit the tragedy and use it to push their liberal agenda.

The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas is no different, the left could hardly wait until the shooter had stopped firing to demand gun control, their ultimate goal. Tomi Lahren a conservative political commentator for Fox News and spokesperson for the Great America Alliance, which was created to support the Donald Trump agenda, destroys the left’s anti-gun narrative, and points out that criminals don’t follow the laws that already exist, and more gun regulations will only affect law abiding gun owners. In her newest Final Thoughts commentary, Tomi Lahren weighs in on the gun control push from the left in response to the Las Vegas massacre…

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sick and tired of hearing these liberal entertainers – many of whom have never bought, touched, or shot a firearm – lecture the rest of us on our Second Amendment rights.

Those injured at the Route 91 Harvest Festival weren’t even out of surgery before the rich and famous mixed their crocodile tears with their anti-gun BS in an effort to shame law-abiding gun owners.Pretty typical narrative from a group of people who will use any tragedy as a means to advance their war on guns, gun owners and the Constitution.

Here’s a Constitution lesson for ya: “shall not be infringed” means “shall not be infringed.” It doesn’t mean there’s an exception if Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga see fit. Got it?

The Second Amendment was brought to us courtesy of our Founding Fathers for those who aren’t wealthy or fortunate enough to be surrounded by gated communities, body guards or armed security detail.

I’m so sick of these elitists looking down on gun owners as if we’re just a bunch of rednecks who don’t deserve the right to protect and defend ourselves, our families and our property. No, that’s not how this thing works. It’s not up to Jimmy Kimmel, Whoopi Goldberg, J.K. Rowling or any of these loud mouths to decide what kind of gun I need or don’t need and how many.

And Democrats, be honest, you’re not looking for common sense reform, you just want to get the ball rolling on your ultimate goal. It’s not that gun owners and Second Amendment supporters aren’t open to discussion or reasonable legislation. That’s not it. The issue we have is with the gradual chipping away of our rights.
It starts with limited capacity magazines, then AR-15s, then bump stocks – until the Democrats get what they really want, our gun rights and our Second Amendment stripped away. Sorry, that’s not gonna happen.

So go ahead and lecture and and shame us all you want but if you think psychos, lunatics or terrorists will be stopped by your gun control measures or gun-free zones you’re either blissfully ignorant or living in La La Land. Take away our rights and the only ones left with guns will be terrorists, criminals and lunatics.

Keep your paws off our guns, our God, and our glory.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From Los Angeles, God bless and take care.

Check out Lahren arguing against “neutering” gun owners in the video below via Fox News:

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