WATCH: Tomi Lahren Just ENDED Hillary Clinton’s Career In One Sentence That Is Going VIRAL!

Hillary Clinton should look in the mirror instead of blaming others for her loss in the 2016 election, according to a Tomi Lahren , recently hired as a political commentator for the television network Fox News.

She appeared on host Sean Hannity’s show Wednesday night to respond to Clinton’s claims in her new book about the presidential race.Lahren slammed Hillary Clinton for blaming anyone but herself for her election defeat. In her new book Hillary blames her Democratic primary rival Bernie Sanders and former president Barack Obama for her election loss. The former Democratic nominee wrote that Bernie Sanders, her opponent in the fight for the party’s nomination, was partly responsible for Donald Trump’s victory. She accused the Vermont senator of “impugning” her character and doing “lasting damage” to her campaign when he reminded voters about her corporate contributions and lavish speaking fees.

So at this point it would be easier to list who she hasn’t blamed.

“The list of people she has yet to blame is probably a shorter list than the one she’s already using to blame everyone and their mother for her loss,” she said.

“Hillary, what happened? You happened!”

Hannity later asked Lahren how Clinton “doesn’t recognize that she’s crooked?” but Lahren said :

“She forgot the average American, that is on her. She can’t blame anyone else for that. So you can talk about any theory you want. We can talk about her mental capacity or her mental state, I don’t even care about that- show up! Show up in the places where traditional Democrats would have voted for you.”

Hannity noted that Clinton blamed Sanders for “paving the way” for Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” attacks.

“How does she not recognize that she is crooked?” he wondered.

Lahren said – aside from questions about Clinton’s character or mental capacity – her biggest mistake was that she forgot the average American and failed to campaign in the states where traditional Democrats might have voted for her.

Watch the clip , via Fox News

Lahren also told Clinton to “get over it, go back to Whole Foods, and let’s move on.”