Tomi Lahren Slams Liberal College “New Generation is Fighting For Segregation”

Tomi Lahren joined Tucker Carlson on Friday and reacted to several protests at Evergreen State University in Washington, including one where a professor was cornered and ordered to leave campus because he was white. The students were taking part in a self-described “day without whiteness.”

Liberals want to bring back segregation in America, previous generations fought against segregation, but the “new generation is fighting for segregation.”

“The fact that this is happening the United States of America, first of all is disturbing,” Lahren told Carlson. “Isn’t it odd, Tucker, that it used to be generations of Americans that fought against segregation and now it seems the new generation is fighting for segregation. It’s lunacy.”

Carlson went on to argue liberals used to be “against segregation” but have since reversed that position.

“I can’t believe it, and to throw out this word like, ‘racist’ … it just shows how ridiculous these labels are and how damaging they can be,” Lahren said. She added it’s “disgusting” that “there are other professors that are stick up for the mob-like protestors.”

“Now that’s what’s got me,” Lahren said.

She later argued the “alt-left is well-organized and they’re well-funded,: particularly on college campuses, insisting her group Great American Alliance plans to counter that message “professionally and with class”

Tucker Carlson called on  Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ office to investigate possible civil rights offenses by the students.

He said the protesting youth effectively run the college because President George Bridges’ powers appear neutered.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:
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