Trump Goes Into His Own Wallet , Closes Golf Course For American Heroes To Play Free

President Trump shut down his exclusive golf course on Summit Boulevard Friday to allow members of the U.S.

Coast Guard to hold a tournament there. The gesture was to thank them for their service and hard work. It was also to thank them for their part in keeping the first family safe by patrolling the waters near Mar-a-Lago.

“These brave men and women patrol the waterways near Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago every day. The president wanted to thank these service members personally for their service to this nation,” said deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley.

Talking to the press, Trump explained how they came up with the idea. “So I said, ‘Would a couple people like to play golf?’ And I had about 50 people raise their hands, and about 75 people showed up,” he said. “So today … we closed the course.”

The president invited service members of the United States Coast Guard, including one from Station Lake Worth Inlet, to play golf at Trump International Golf Course, according to the White House press pool.About 60 Coast Guard service members played with the president in a 4-man scramble. President Trump will also have lunch with the group.

The president’s photo op on Friday was the second with the Coast Guard since Thanksgiving, when he and first lady Melania Trump served sandwiches to about 60 Coast Guard members at the Lake Worth Inlet Station in Riviera Beach.