Trump Supporter Goes To Pay For Lunch With This $20 Bill – What Happened Next Is Hilarious

A Trump supporter recently went out for a bite to eat with a few friends at a local Texas restaurant and, after finishing their meal, went to the register to pay with a single $20 bill.

Much to his surprise, the cashier ringing him up was a flaming liberal – and he quickly called the cops after he saw what was on the back of the money that he was just handed.

An account of the shocking ordeal was posted to Facebook by David J. Hill and has since been shared by Cold Dead Hands. After explaining that he wanted to spend time with his buddies and decided where to meet up, Hill and his friends headed down to a local eatery and enjoyed some conversation and a few laughs.

A Trump supporter shared the story of an encounter he had with a cashier at a restaurant who refused to take his money because it was “defaced” with a pro-Trump message.

I went with several friends to a restaurant in Texas and after the meal went to pay. Unknowingly, the $20 bill I had in my wallet had “Trump Lives Here” written in permanent marker on The White House.

The cashier looks at it and says, “I can’t take this money because it’s invalid. It’s been defaced.”

“You gotta be kidding me!”

The kid holds his ground and says, “You have to give me some other form of payment like a credit card or something.”

“I can’t. This is all I got.”

He then tells me I need to go to an ATM and get valid currency. I say, “Nope, the money works. You can definitely take it.”

Kid goes, “But I’m not going to.”

So I called the cops.

By now several people had gathered around the register and when the cops arrived there was the standard, “What seems to be the trouble here?”

Before I can say anything, the kid blurts out: “This man is attempting to pass counterfeit currency which has been defaced and I’m not accepting it.”

Cop says, “Let me see the bill.”

Upon examination the cops says, “Son, there are millions of bills with writing on them and it is valid currency so kindly take it and give the gentleman his change.”

Kid says, “Nope, I’m not taking it.”

“Why not?”

The rubber hits the road at this point and the kid says, “Because anything with Trump’s name on it disgusts me. He’s not my President!”

The cop pauses for a second, looks down, and proceeds to say: “Ok, here’s the deal: Take the money and give the gentleman his proper change, or his lunch is free today because he’s trying to pay you for the meal.”

The kid still refused, and the cop tells me, “Have a nice day, sir. You are free to go.”

The cop then looks at the kid and says, “I guess when word gets out that meals are free if Trump’s name is written on a $20 bill on The White House, this place will get swamped with people wanting to eat for free.”

This post has been slightly revised from the original.