Trump Thanks Navy for Syria Attack Including Female Navy Commander

President Trump again thanked military service members for participating in a U.S. missile strike in Syria.The U.S. launched 59 Tomahawk missiles on April 6 – targeting the Syrian regime’s Shayrat air base near Homs – in retaliation for a deadly chemical weapons attack that the U.S. believes was carried out by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government. The chemical attack killed dozens, including children.

The president linked to a tweet sent by the U.S. Navy announcing that Trump had personally called the commanding officers of two guided-missile destroyers to thank them for serving.

On Sunday, Trump called and thanked the commanders of the Porter and Ross: Andria Slough and Russell Caldwell, respectively. The calls followed Trump’s tweet early Saturday where he praised those who carried out the missile strikes. “Congratulations to our great military men and women for representing the United States, and the world, so well in the Syria attack.”

While the US claims that the attack was highly successful and achieved all of its objectives, Russian and Syrian defense officials have raised doubts about its effectiveness. The Russian Defense Ministry noted shortly after the US attack that only 23 missiles had landed on the airbase and the rest had missed their target. This is a significant loss for the US military because, according to the Pentagon, each Tomahawk missile has an estimated cost of over $1.8 million. Russia also disputed Washington’s claims that 20 Syrian jets were destroyed in the attack, lowering the figure to 6. Some Russian media reports bumped up the number to 9 later on. The attack did not seem to do much damage to Syria’s air power, which is reportedly comprised of more than 450 Russian-made jet fighters, including Mig-23, Mig-25 and Mig-29 military aircraft.