UK Prime Minister May gives speech to a half-empty room as crowds rush out for Trump at Davos

President Trump touched down in Switzerland early Thursday, where he intends to bring his “America First” message to a skeptical – and possibly hostile – gathering of global political and business leaders at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos.

Trump, much of whose base back home views the meeting as a conference of global elitists, is expected to meet with world leaders, attend a reception, host a dinner for European business executives and give a keynote address Friday.

Theresa May was left red-faced after she gave her speech to a half-empty room in Davos as the crowds rushed out to see Donald Trump.The US President managed to upstage the Prime Minister’s big moment at the World Economic Forum this lunchtime.

As she tried to reach out and seek “new partners” in trade after Brexit, her audience was instead elsewhere in the venue watching Trump make his way inside.

Reporter Ryan Heath posted an image from the back of the room showing rows and rows of empty chairs, writing: “It’s half empty as Theresa May takes the stage in Davos.” And another, John Stackhouse, put on Twitter a picture of the media scrum around Mr Trump just outside where Mrs may was speaking.

He captioned it: “Poor Theresa May. Just gave a solid, business-minded speech to a third-empty hall, as the crowd rushed out for this.”

And much to the chagrin of the gathered global elite and world leaders, he’s already the star of the show.

Trump’s is the first visit by a sitting president to summit in Davos since Bill Clinton appeared in 2000.

His decision to attend was a surprise, given his protectionist policies. Trump has withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement and demanded changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement.