VIDEO BLM Protesters: ‘Shoot her 20 times in the back’

There was a Socialist organized protest in Sacramento.

A crowd protesting the shooting death of Stephon Clark slowed traffic in downtown Sacramento on Friday afternoon, as a bus squeezed through.The 200 protesters in the afternoon march confronted motorists stuck in traffic, breaking the rear window of one car that tried to make its way through the throng. They blocked the evening commute at multiple intersections, delaying light rail and bus service and only letting motorists through if they agreed to the marchers’ demands to shout Clark’s name aloud. Some did, some didn’t.

A female police officer was hit in the face. Fans were blocked from attending an event at the Sacramento Kings stadium. Protesters attempted to march onto the I-5 highway and were a general nuisance and disruption to the Sacramento area.

Though no one was arrested, this was not a “peaceful protest”.

Now video has surfaced of a white women being surrounded by racist “Black Lives Matters” protesters simply because she was white and dared to disagree with their violent anti-police narrative. They shouted obscenities and insults, threatened her, and threw water on her. When the water was empty from the bottles, they threw the empty bottles at her in a violent manner and continued to hurl vicious insults.

Later, a group of demonstrators surrounded a woman who was walking near the Central Library on 9th and J Streets and yelled at her, “shoot her 20 times in the back” and then pour them out with bottled drinks , The police shot Clark 20 times on Sunday night.

Police were nearby to surround and defend the poor girl, BUT, as you will see in the video, police were present while the girl was being harassed and they were afraid to interject to stop the mob of angry liberals from assaulting the girl simply because she was white.

If the police were not there, that girl would have definitely been beaten to a pulp. This was a violent crowd that was out for blood. The police were eventually able to form a barricade around the frightened girl. The protesters shouted “Shoot her! Shoot her!” and “Shoot her in the back 20 times!”

What stopped them from initially getting involved and beating down that violent crowd of out of control youth? Political correctness. The fear of being labeled a racist almost completely prevented them from saving the young, scared girl.