VIDEO: Chicago Cop Throws Hot Cup of Coffee at Biker

Chicago police are conducting an internal investigation into an incident caught on video in which an officer throws a cup of coffee at a passing motorcyclist after the biker shouted at the cop near a downtown intersection. Apparently, the cop was unaware the biker was recording him, capturing the incident on video.

“I got you on camera, bro,” said the man who goes by Elijah Bling on Facebook. “Yeah, I got you.”

The man then speeds away with the other bikers as the video cuts out.

This is what Elijah Bing had to say in a Facebook message to update this story, who acknowledged that was not his real name, but wanted to remain anonymous:

We were riding in downtown Chicago with my group Chicago United Riders. Pulling up on the street, I saw the officer walking up to us, so I waved at him and said “Okay we will keep it down” and that’s when he threw his extra large full cup of hot coffee on my face.
My lid was up so it splashed inside my helmet and my eyes. He knew he was wrong but didn’t give a damn. I seen it in his eyes, he had the “I got you” look.
But that’s fine. If I were a new rider, I would’ve crashed and probably got run over by everyone. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, the cop basically targeted a bystander. If I were to do this to a motorcycle cop, I would’ve been charged with attempted murder.

Police are not identifying the officer. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Monday that he cannot defend the officer’s actions after watching the 40-second video.

“We expect every officer to be professional (and) treat people fairly and responsibly,” Johnson said. “So to that end we’ll have an investigation, an investigation has been opened up, and when it comes down to it, that officer will be held accountable and will be disciplined appropriately.”

Johnson learned of the video Monday morning after the communications office received it from news stations, according to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.