VIDEO: Mexican Immigrant Designer ‘F*ck Your Wall’ Underwear and “This is Not America” at NY Fashion

Raf Simons,an immigrant from Mexico who designed a line for Calvin Klein, opened and closed his show with the 1985 track David Bowie song This is not America at New York Fashion Week.

Next to make a clear political statemen ,he wrote “f*** your wall” and “no ban, no wall” on the back of models’ underwear in his show for LRS Studio. Simon’s declared backstage: “When you have a voice, you should use it.”

Talking to Dazed about the significance of such a statement, the designer says he considers Trump’s wall a pressing and personal political issue. “My family is first generation Mexican and some had to migrate to the US, (so) this issue is something extremely personal to me. I would not be able to present my collections if it was not for the opportunities the country has given us.”

The cheeky comments were in response to Trumps proposed plan to build a wall between America and Mexico – a revelation that has been slated across the globe. The Trump administration’s plan to build walls and fences to deter illiegal immigration will costing an estimated $21.6 billion.

Solis also showcased a piece featuring a topless woman. The outfit’s fashion statement was meant to send a message of “sexual empowerment.”

“It’s important to have that message of sexual empowerment, especially now- to say, ‘Hey, actually, you can do whatever you want,’” Solis told W magazine. “I don’t get too political, but obviously it’s impossible to dismiss.”