VIDEO: Obama in Berlin sends President Trump clear message ‘WE CAN’T HIDE BEHIND A WALL’

Former president Barack Obama on Thursday took his successor to task for wanting to build a wall along the Mexican border,sends President Trump clear message

“In this new world we live in, we can’t isolate ourselves — we can’t hide behind a wall,” Obama said before 70,000 cheering spectators at the iconic Brandenburg Gate, where he joined German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Obama made the comment as President Donald Trump, in Brussels for his first NATO leaders summit, was meeting with European Council leaders Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker. Obama addressed a rapt crowd of Germans lining the streets from blocks away, some holding signs like, “Welcome Home,” “You’re Looking Great,” and “Du Bist Ein Berliner.”

He attended the event at Merkel’s invitation—there’s no foreign leader that he was closer with during his time in the White House, and she’s hoping for a boost from his still sky-high popularity in Germany in her own re-election campaign in the fall.

Obama called Merkel “one of my favourite partners throughout my presidency”. He said she had done “tremendous work” and he staunchly defended her refugee policy, which has come in for much criticism. He was speaking at a Protestant conference in Berlin as Germany marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Merkel, who later joined President Trump in Brussels, appeared to criticize the current president’s efforts to limit refugees from entering the United States. By contrast, Merkel welcomed 1 million migrants to Germany in the last two years and praised Germans for embracing that policy.

“When we look at the topic of the refugees, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of people in Germany showed compassion, receptiveness and solidarity,” Merkel said. The chancellor has stood by her policy on migrants despite a backlash in parts of Germany.

Trump met Merkel for the first time at the White House earlier this year. He has frequently been critical of the German leader for what he calls open-border policies and Germany’s willingness to offer asylum for refugees.

The man whose entire family lives behind a WALL of impenetrable security lectures the Little People on how security and walls to protect Little People are Evil!  How many bullet and bomb proof cars were in his motorcade? How many streets were closed to ensure his safety? How many Little People were pushed out of the way and had their lives disrupted today?