VIDEO: Palestinian Cleric in Jerusalem Prays To Allah For Slaughtering Of Americans

At the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem , Palestinian cleric Sheikh Nadhal Siam, also known as “Abu Ibrahim,” criticized the Saudi and Qatari regimes, which, he said, were “immersed in collaboration” with the Americans and the English, respectively.

His prayers to Allah to “enable us to slaughter” the Americans, the Europeans and the “criminal and treacherous” Arab rulers were answered by cries of “Amen” from his audience.

The most disconcerting thing about Sheikh Nadhal Siam’s speech is that it did not occur at a Boko Haram or ISIS training camp, but at a regular mosque. Though it is likely that that speaker and his audience had pro-Palestinian sympathies, they otherwise should be members of the “peaceful majority” of “moderate” Muslims who would never think of committing terrorism.

Listen how everyone in the background agree with every single word he is saying. Imagine a Christian priest praying “Oh God, help us wipe each and every single Arab off the face off the Earth, help us annihilate all and replace them with American people!”

Imagine how the media would react… and we welcome these people to live among us? WHY?