VIDEO: Patriotic 7th-Grader Climbs Tree to Save American Flag

A seventh-grader in Melrose demonstrated her patriotic spirit and athleticism while grabbing an American flag out of a tree last week.

A young Massachusetts girl spotted an American flag tangled in a tree after a big storm, and she insisted on climbing up the tree to rescue Old Glory. Her mother snapped a photo of the patriotic act, and it’s quickly going viral. Ashley Reardon noticed that the American flag at Mary Foley Park had detached from the flagpole and was tangled in a tree when she was there with her mother.

Ashley Reardon explains why she did it on ‘Fox & Friends.’

“It’s just one of those moments where you see something wrong and you just have to make it right,” Ashley said, adding that the flag should always be shown its proper respect.

“There are people out there in the Army, in the Navy risking their lives every single day for us, our country, so we can just sleep safely at night knowing that we’re safe and sound,” Ashley said. “And we take it so much for granted. I feel like we need to show how thankful we are.”

“It shouldn’t have been stuck in the tree in the first place, like it’s supposed to be on the flagpole honored with the highest respect,” Reardon continued. “I saw the flag and immediately I asked my mother: ‘Mom, please can I quickly go across the street to the park and get it out of the tree?’”

Rearden said respecting the flag really shows “how thankful we are … for those who fought and died and lost their lives” for their country.

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