VIDEO: Trump Supporter Is Fired After Threatens Muslim Women For Disrespecting Jesus

According to the New York Daily News, Amber Hensley of Mapleton of North Dakota was captured on video Tuesday letting out an expletive-laced tirade, complaining that the girls parked too close to her car.

Three women originally from Somalia were in a Walmart parking lot before going to see a movie in Fargo, North Dakota. Then they got into a parking dispute with another woman, parked too close to her car, and she couldn’t get into it.Hensley alleged that the girls’ car was parked in a way that prevented her from getting into her own car. After asking them to move, she said they called her a “fat bitch” to which she informed them she was a Christian and asked them if they knew who Jesus was. As Hensley described the incident, one of the women “said fuck Jesus and I lost it!”

“You’re a racist person, and I’m not going back to my country,” someone says to Hensley.

“I’m an American. I’m an American and you’re not,” Hensley responds, later adding, “We’re going to kill all of you, we’re going to kill every one of you f—ing Muslims.”

“Why are you in our country anyway?” Hensley asks in the video.

Hassan posted the video to her Facebook Tuesday and Hensley later commented on it to apologize.

“It was not a Christian like thing to do AT ALL and wish I could take it back, but I lost my cool and I can’t. I am terribly sorry,” Hensley wrote in her post. “I just wish that the whole video could be shown. And the things that were stated before she starts taping. She had parked way too close to my car and I couldn’t get in, when I asked her to move she refused, I asked her again and she swore at me calling me a fat b-tch. But there are absolutely no excuses. I am in tears with regret and will take any form of punishment deemed fit.”

That punishment will include losing her job, according to a statement by the accounting firm at which she worked.

Thousands of Somalis were given refugee status in the United States over the last several decades until President Donald Trump implemented a travel ban, prohibiting most Somalis from entering the United States.