Immediately after Election Day 2016 a movement representing itself with the slogan ” Not My President” sprang up and spread cross the country. The “Not My President” movement grown since than, holding frequent and regular protest across the country.

As Donald Trump presidency moves forward , the “Not My President” movement needs to take a hard look at itself and ask itself if it really beleives its efforts will amount to anything positive and, if they think it will, is it worth the damage to our country’s historically unique and cherished political norms.

Some Liberals decorate cars with Trump Not My President stickers. Innocent Trump supporter, Patriot Man replace “NOT MY PRESIDENT” sticker. This fun act is going viral on Facebook, gaining over three million views in two days. While many found this hilarious, others were offended. Some angry leftists even took to finding the man’s place of work and leaving 1 star ratings and bad reviews on yelp. They also took photos of him and his family members off his Facebook page and started sending him death threats. Although it was Trump-haters doing the worst things to him, there were quite a few other Trump supporters that didn’t agree with his actions and didn’t defend him.

Watch the short video below:

For 17 years and two Republican Presidents now, a startling number of prominent liberals have been talking about and, dare one say, dreaming about their deaths. As crazy and terrifying as this may sound, they do so with enough frequency that it seems that wishing death upon a Republican President is simply how a startling number of prominent liberals will respond to a Republican presidency.

This is also sadly ironic, because for people who constantly tell the world how peaceful, loving, and tolerant they are, they sure do think about murder an awful lot.