Washington University Professor “Won’t Help Students Who Want Jobs In Trump Administration”

The dean of the international-affairs school at George Washington University just called President Trump a “Nazi sympathizer.” Now Reuben Brigety won’t say whether he’ll write a letter of recommendation for a student who seeks an internship or job in the Trump administration.

Brigety, is the Dean of the Elliott School of International Affairs. Prior to joining the Elliott School, he served as United States Ambassador to the African Union and the permanent representative to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. In August 2015, the George Washington University announced they had selected Ambassador Brigety for the Dean of the Elliott School of International Affairs. He began serving in that capacity on October 1, 2015.

Dean Brigety writes an article in a publication called Foreign Policy. He says that President Trump is a quote “America’s first Nazi supporting President” and he is the “Nazi in chief.” In essence, Brigety says, “Trump definitely showed the world who he is, we should believe him. The unprecedented situation that we currently face however is that the elected government of the day is now led by a Nazi and white nationalist sympathizer.”

The Foreign Policy essay is directed at top Trump administration officials, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, national security adviser H.R. McMaster and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

According to thecollegefix

Brigety made clear that he was also appealing to their current and future underlings, including Elliott School students who would need letters of recommendation from their dean or the services of their career advisers who serve under Brigety:

“At what point does your duty to country lead you to confront the evil bigotry of the president, rather than trying to find a way to rationalize it so you are free to serve some greater good?

As much as each of these questions apply to you, they apply in equal measure to all of your deputies and subordinates that also occupy political positions of great responsibility in the service of our country.”

If they don’t condemn Trump’s words or resign, officials and their underlings will “have to explain to your personal progeny and our national posterity why you chose to silently serve America’s first Nazi-in-chief,” Brigety concluded.

Two hours after the article was published, it was shared by the school’s official twitter account with the caption “@realDeanB shares his thoughts on #Trump, for @ForeignPolicy #ElliottProud #WeAreElliott Read here.”

Reuben Brigety, the leader of a high-ranked international affairs school suggested that students who want to intern in the Trump administration shouldn’t ask for his help. George Washington University stalls, won’t explain dean’s intentions