Watch: Anti-Trump Protesters Attack Police and Trump supporters , DC Looks Like A WAR ZONE

The scene for many business owners in DC today was very bleak as Black Lives Matter protesters smashed their windows, spray painted their store fronts and otherwise caused as much havoc as possible. The business targeted in the capital’s downtown included a McDonald’s, branches of Bank of America and Wells Fargo, and a Starbucks, whose window were all smashed.

One protester was seen on video swinging a long metal pole at a police officer. The cop gave chase to the man, spraying some kind of liquid at him, but the man turned and jabbed at the officer again to ward him off. At least two police officers suffered minor injuries “from coordinated attacks by members of the group that were attempting to avoid arrest,” D.C. Police said, according to NBC News.

21-year-old James Allsup (pictured) said he was attacked by a protester with a flagpole. He is pictured showing his alleged injuries. ‘I was wearing my “Make America Great Again” hat, and a white male came up behind me and swung at me with a flagpole – I kind of blacked out for a minute,’ 21-year-old James Allsup told Fox News.

‘Before I knew it my head was gushing blood – there’s blood on my Trump hat.’

Allsup posted a picture on his Facebook account showing him sitting on the ground with his hand held out in front of his face.
His hand appeared to have blood on it, but the alleged injury to his head could not be seen.

Police and authorities used chemical spray in an attempt to disrupt the vandalism. They ultimately herded the group away from the inauguration parade route with a large number of police vehicles and officers in riot gear, and they used concussion grenades — which make a loud noise — to break up the crowd.

It is unclear how many protesters descended on the nation’s capital for the inauguration, but law enforcement officials were bracing for more than 60 demonstration groups, both in support of and against Trump.

Sympathy protests were held around the nation and the world, in cities including Los Angeles, Tokyo and London.