WATCH: ANTIFA GIRL LYING She Was Throwing Glass Bottles at Berkeley , Now Plays Victim and Wants Donations

The anarchist leftist group Antifa says it wants to “push back against fascism”—but judging by the street brawl in Berkeley this past weekend it’s more than willing to use fascist tactics against political opponents. The protests against Donald Trump this past weekend didn’t only involve violence between Antifa and members of the alt-right. The last time these two group clashed, the Trump supporters were seriously outnumbered. This time was a different story. Trump supporters came prepared for the unprovoked attacks of these hate groups and took them to task.

Looks like the ANTIFA girl who got clocked by the free speech marcher was chucking glass bottles at the crowd before she got punched.Here’s the video. You can see the woman cock her arm back as though she is about to swing her arm at someone. When she brings her arm forward, that is where she gets hit. We are NOT condoning the hitting of a woman by a man, but if she had a bottle in her hand and was about to hit someone that changes everything:

The now-viral Berkeley Antifa Girl boasted about collecting ‘100 Nazi scalps’ before being punched to the ground. Do loathesome Leftist women with no respect for themselves deserve protection from good men? In meantime liberal Antifa Girl who would later be known as “One punch girl” has started a GOFUNDME page to raise funds to treat what she calls “hospitalization” from a Nazi blow.

The GoFundMe page claims that she has a concussion from the blow, and is in need of medical care. It also alleges that her identity, home and cell phone numbers, home address, emails, friends and family’s residences, extremely sensitive and endangering occupational material have all been doxxed and spammed across every unspeakable online message board:

As if being hospitalized with a concussion by the infamous founder, Nathan Damigo of the neo-nazi organization Identity Evropa wasn’t punishment enough for 95lb Louise Rosealma -for her protest at the grizzly display of violent chauvinism she’d braved to take a stand against Saturday afternoon in Berkeley- she’s since become sensationalized by the online fascist community as a prized target for the unrelenting viral campaign of death and rape-threats to follow that seem to be increasing by the hour. (Google “antifa girl” and see for yourself)

Her identity, home and cell phone numbers, home address, emails, friends and family’s residences, extremely sensitive and endangering occupational material have all been doxxed (as has our named organizer) and spammed across every unspeakable online message board responsible for Donald Trump’s presidency. The poor girl doesn’t have a place on earth to hide that hasn’t been compromised and it doesn’t appear that the onslaught is going to end any time soon.

We don’t even know where to begin, she’s had to leave her collective (who’ve also been targeted) and she’s going to need a new residence, new employment, may need to change her identity as well, but we don’t want to let the fascists win either. Keep in mind that this girl went to a rally with the sole purpose of causing disruption and bringing back “100 Nazi scalps”. The only Nazi scalp anyone got was her own.The petition has raised almost $6,000 of the $80,000 goal so far, however, the comment section is getting trolled into oblivion.

There was violence on both sides , but in defense of the Trump supporters, this violence has been perpetuated against them since the days of Trump’s campaign rallies. Many have warned that Trump supporters are not going to put up with the unprovoked violence forever and when they fought back, many warned the basement dwellers on the Democrat side wouldn’t fare to well. That’s exactly what happened yesterday in Berkeley, CA.