WATCH: ANTIFA Terrorist Punches Reporter Then Gets Arrested on Camera

These “peaceful” protesters who are actually terrorists believe they still live in the make-believe world of Barack Obama. The group known as ANTIFA, supposedly for anti-fascist, takes fascism to a new level. In their delusion, they believe they can say or do whatever they please and get away with it. In protests around the country, these paid fascists run around attempting to set false narratives and causing chaos wherever level-headed Conservatives live and work. They pretend to fight for a cause that has no bearing on the new leadership of America. If they were truly interested in stamping out fascism, they would have protested the Obama administration.

Jack Posobiec was assaulted on Sunday when he arrived to interview members of the ANTIFA of their recent violence at three different events including President Trump’s inauguration. In the video below, watch the man wearing a bike helmet (Why the helmet? Because you need to think of safety first, of course.) . What happens next shocked most of the people standing by.

As the police put the terrorists “bracelets” on, he can be heard saying,

“For what?”

As if he didn’t know why he was being arrested. And in typical Leftist fashion, the lies came.

Antifa terrorists attempted to come to the defense of the attacker, saying,

“He attacked…this was self-defense.”

No surprise the Left defines “self-defense” as an antifa punk punching a victim in the face then blaming the victim.

Posobiec said, “On Sunday afternoon, I was assaulted near George Washington University, where Antifa was having what they called a “Bloc Party” to recruit new members to their organization.”

“I had arrived to interview them about the recent violence in Berkeley, and their violence at the DC Deploraball and the inauguration, just before the assault took place, “said Posobiec. “I filed charges against my assailant. In fact he is in court today for a preliminary hearing, prosecuted by the US Attorney’s office of DC.”

This video clearly shows the Antifa activists don’t want to have conversations and they don’t even want to be honest. They want to whine, they want to terrorize, they want to get attention, they want to create chaos. Shortly after the assault, the local police saw the attack and immediately arrested the ANTIFA member who claimed what he did was in self-defense which nothing in the video shows that the ANTIFA member was

attacked first.