WATCH: Black Man Drops Some Knowledge about the Confederate Flag and Slavery

In recent years the Confederate Flag has been maligned as a symbol of racism. The United States was originally a confederation of states, with each running their own state government. The 10th Amendment to our Constitution provided the federal government only with certain specific rights. Everything not specifically delegated to the federal government was supposed to be left to the state governments.

The war of 1861-1865 was fought between two nations. When the Constitution was ratified the states retained the right to secede. When the rights of the Southern States were abrogated, they exercised that privilege. After withdrawing from the Union, they formed their own government, the Confederate States of America, a separate government. The state of Massachusetts had threatened to exercise this right only a few years previously, over the Louisiana Territory. The war was fought for constitutional rights.

This war was not fought over the issue of slavery. The North did not at first fight to free the slaves. “I have no purpose, directly, or indirectly, to interfere with slavery in the states where it exists,” said Lincoln early in the conflict. The Union Congress overwhelmingly endorsed this position in July 1861, some three months after the war began in April. Within a year however, desperately trying to regain waning public support for the war, both Lincoln and the Congress decided to make emancipation of slaves in Confederate States a Union war policy.

It is interesting the U.S. Gen. Grant didn’t free his own slaves until after the war was over. Gen. Lee himself didn’t believe in slavey and had already freed his slaves. Another interesting fact is that only 6 percent of Southerners owned slaves, and among this 6 percent were 13,000 free blacks who owned slaves themselves.

The truth is that the vast majority of white people were very poor and had to work just as hard as the slaves to survive, and out of necessity, so did their sharecroppers.

Just listen to this black guy explain how the Confederate flag is not a symbol of racism as many liberals have claimed. He also breaks down how every race throughout history has been a slave at one point or another which most people don’t know because they just follow current politics and refuse to even acknowledge the historical facts that also pertain to the same subject their currently voicing their fake outrage over.

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The Flag Is Just a Symbol of History – Giving It Another Meaning Is Reading Too Far Into It.