WATCH: CNN Gloats Laughs At Black Woman Who Lost Her Job In Trump Administration

Omarosa Manigault-Newman has reportedly been fired — this time from her actual job in the Trump White House.

The White House has been tight-lipped about Manigault-Newman’s departure, saying in a statement only that she resigned her position “to pursue other opportunities,” effective January 20, 2018, the one year-anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. “We wish her the best in future endeavors and are grateful for her service,” the statement read.

In an interview with ABC’s “GMA,” Newman — whom a senior Trump administration official said was forced out her job — contended that she resigned as she approached her one-year mark in the White House.

“I resigned and I didn’t do that in the residence as reported,” Newman said.

“(Chief of Staff) John Kelly and I sat down in the Situation Room … and we had a very candid conversation,” she said. “I wanted to make the one-year mark,” Newman continued, “and then get back to my life.”

An all-female — and mostly African-American — panel on CNN took some time Wednesday to point and laugh at Omarosa Manigault, who served as Director of Communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison until announcing her resignation effective January 20.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin, CNN political analyst April Ryan, and regular CNN guest Symone Sanders all joined in what was a public display of complete classlessness as the group all laughed.

“Brooke, I’m going to do what you can’t do, and what April and Symone are too good of people to do and that’s just be petty for a minute,” Rye said, as reported by the WFB. Rye then proceeded to scream, and said, “Bye girl. Bye. We did it already on the podcast, April. Bye, honey, you have never represented the community. You are skin folk. We don’t own you like Zora. Goodbye. Good riddance. Goodbye. Deuces.”

After a few moments, Ryan said she did not “delight in anyone’s demise.”

The clip was first surfaced by Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra, and it went somewhat viral among conservative Twitter on Wednesday.

Omarosa has been a fixture in Trump-land since she appeared as a contestant on the first season of his NBC reality TV show “The Apprentice” — as well as subsequent seasons.