WATCH: Crazed Maxine Waters Hijacks Funeral To Bash Trump

Some people have little to no class at all. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is one of those people.

There’s not a bad time for Rep. Maxine to bash President Trump. Maxine has been obsessed with impeaching Donald Trump – so much so that her latest call for impeachment was during a eulogy. Trump faced claims that his actions warranted impeachment even before he took office. Allegations over his campaign’s links to Russia have been front and center of those calls. Waters has long been a dissenter of Trump and she earned some viral fame for standing up for herself and her constituents in Congress. She also called POTUS “the most deplorable person I’ve ever met in my life” during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe .

During comedian Dick Gregory’s funeral on Saturday, Waters quickly turned what was supposed to be a memorial of her friend into an anti-Trump political rally, reports The American Mirror, where Maxine suddenly screamed.

“I’m cleaning out the White House. We’re going to sanitize the White House. We’re not going to take what is happening in this country,” said Waters.

“And then comes along this person. This person who does not respect you. This dishonorable human being who cheats everybody! This dishonorable human being who will lie at the drop of a hat,” she wailed. “This dishonorable human being who has the alt-right, and the KKK and everybody else inside his Cabinet!”

“When I get through with Donald Trump, he’s going to wish he had been impeached!”

Watch Waters moving eulogy above.

Shockingly, the audience applauded as she hijacked the memorial.

“I’m gonna say ‘Impeach 45 everyday,’ ‘Impeach 45 everyday,’ ‘Impeach 45 everyday,’” she yelled.