WATCH: Female Sniper LAUGHS off ISIS Bullet Just Narrowly Missing Her Head

FOOTAGE from the frontline of the battle against ISIS has revealed the incredible moment.

This is the amazing moment a Kurdish sniper laughs and pokes her tongue out after an ISIS bullet misses her head by inches. Hemze Hamza shared a video on Twitter of a woman from the Women’s Protections Units engaged in a shootout in Raqqa City. The woman is peering out over a ledge inside a building, shooting at a target off camera.

The Sun reports the YPJ (Women’s Protection Units) sharpshooter is seen taking aim through a window during fighting in the terror group’s besieged Syrian stronghold Raqqa.

In a flash, she is nearly hit too, with a bullet coming dangerously close to her head and ricocheting off the side of the wall. But far from appearing scared or shaken, she laughs to her colleagues and pokes her tongue out another.

Mr Hamza, a journalist, tweeted: ‘Sniper battle inside Raqqa city. Thank god the ISIS terrorist missed. ‘Kurdish women know no fear. Your average human being would be scared for life after being so close to death but she kept laughing.’Plenty of people praised her bravery on the front line.

As if fighting against ISIS wasn’t heroic enough, it’s the woman’s reaction afterwards – she literally laughs in the face of death.

THIS is what you call ‘girl power’.

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The Women’s Protection Unit, or YPG, is the armed unit of the Democratic Union Party in Syria.The group played a critical role in rescuing the thousands of Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar by ISIS fighters in 2014. The organisation currently has an estimated 7,000 volunteer fighters between the ages of 18-40.

A US-led coalition is supporting an alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters in their assault on Islamic State in its de facto capital of Raqqa in northern Syria.