WATCH: Here’s What Californians Told Tomi Lahren About Becoming A ‘Sanctuary State’

On January 1, California became a sanctuary state.

Fox News personality Tomi Lahren spoke with several Californians to discuss the state providing blanket protection to roughly 2.3 million illegal immigrants.During a segment that took place in Las Angeles, Lahren exposed how the new law, signed by Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown in October, forbids police from asking individuals if they are here legally or illegally.

What does the bill do?

The bill’s core aim is to limit the ways that state and local officials can cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. Measures range from treating schools and courthouses as “safe zones” to restricting the ability of law enforcement to detain people on behalf of federal immigration officers. Though Brown worked to soften the bill, allowing for more interaction with federal authorities, experts like Santa Clara University law professor Pratheepan Gulasekaram say the measure still provides the most robust “protection available for non-citizens anywhere in the U.S.”

So what exactly does it mean to be a sanctuary state?

There is no set meaning, as there is no single set of policies that makes someplace a “sanctuary city.” The general idea is that officials in a “sanctuary” jurisdiction won’t go out of their way to help the federal government deport people, even if they will cooperate in certain cases. These policies are often passed on the city or county level. Other states, such as Illinois, have passed laws aimed at shoring up immigration protections statewide. But none are as comprehensive as SB54, Gulsekaram says. On Friday, Democratic state lawmakers argued that undocumented immigrants are crucial in contributing to the state’s economy and culture and that state and local resources should not be “used to tear families apart.”

With our nation’s security at risk, Lahren asked several people how they felt about all of that and if they supported Brown’s decision

So Californians want illegal immigrants to be able to come to the U.S. illegally, have access to benefits and resources as legal citizens, and be able to come and go as they please because they will do the jobs they claims Americans won’t.

That is sad and pathetic, but that’s what liberals are fighting for.