WATCH: Lara Trump DEMOLISHES CNN for Censoring Pro-Trump Ad

Lara Trump shared her disappointment in news networks for refusing to air President Donald Trump’s latest paid campaign ad, on the grounds that the 30-second television spot is “false.” CNN and the rest of the fake news industry is so afraid of President Trump that they are refusing to air his campaign ads.Lara the wife of Eric Trump defended the ad in a recent appearance on Sean Hannity’s television show.

“Apparently, the mainstream media are champions of the First Amendment only when it serves their own political views. Faced with an ad that doesn’t fit their biased narrative, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC have now all chosen to block our ad,” she said in a statement. “This is an unprecedented act of censorship in America that should concern every freedom-loving citizen.”

“It’s really disappointing. … This is supposed to be a free society. We have freedom of speech,” she said. “The fact that this ad is not being shown on CNN, on NBC, on CBS, on news networks who have a duty to report to the public the facts … is really, really ridiculous to me. It’s really sad.”

In an interview with Hannity, Lara tore into CNN for its biased anti-Trump agenda.

CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS have refused to run the ad, according to the Trump campaign, citing a graphic in it that describes the mainstream media as “fake news.” The Trump campaign fired back at CNN in a written statement, saying the 37-year-old network “epitomizes” the meaning of “fake news,” and also issued a press release touting online viewership for the ad, saying it received more than 1.5 million views between Facebook and YouTube despite CNN’s refusal to air it.

In case you missed it since the mainstream media won’t air it, here’s that Trump ad.