WATCH: Liberal College Snowflake Melts Down Over Trump Sign on Campus

Liberal college snowflake in Washington state was recently filmed screaming for more than two minutes after she saw a sign supporting President Donald Trump on campus.

The female student at Western Washington University began screaming after she spotted a campus street preacher holding a pro-Trump sign. The video begins with the female student screaming in an apparent protest.
The video also shows her throwing paint and yogurt on the ground. She screamed like a creature from the netherworld at a man carrying a Trump sign that read,“Trump: Borders, Laws, Jobs, Liberty, USA.”

The guy holding the sign, preacher Eric Bostrom, egged her on the whole time, calling out insults like, “this is why I oppose the legalization of marijuana.” Bostrom also held another banner with a fire-and- brimstone bible message. Other students came up to the girl asking her to calm down, to which she replied that she was fine. The video is only two minutes long but it appears the public freakout could have lasted much longer.

If you’re still in bed, let this lady wake you up to the sound of seventy glass breaking sirens – Watch the full video below via Campus Reform and laugh:

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Her meltdown should serve as a warning to all of us, though it’s not even close to the first. Free speech is something we must fight for in every generation. If you’re against Trump, how are you proving your case
by screaming like you belong in a psych ward? Don’t you think that even if your cause is right, your behavior will muddy up your message and drive rational people away?