WATCH: March for Our Lives Supporter LeBron James Shoots Machine Guns

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of protestors flooded streets of American cities and around the world to take a stand against gun violence in “March For Our Lives” rallies.

The movement was prompted by the abundance of mass murders in the United States committed by lone gunmen and realized by the student survivors of the Feb. 14 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead at the hands of a former student carrying a semiautomatic rifle.

The movement aimed at spurring gun-control measures in the face of reluctant lawmakers and a powerful NRA lobby determined to maintain access to assault weapons has drawn the attention of supportive sports figures.

James spoke out during All-Star weekend about the lack of gun control just days after the Stoneman Douglas shooting.

“It’s a tragedy and we’ve seen these schools and these tragedies happen in America and there’s been no change to gun control,” James said, according to’s Joe Vardon.

“We have a kid who wasn’t legal — legally not able to go to get a beer at a bar, but could go buy a AR-14 or an AR-15? Like, is that? How? It doesn’t make sense,” James said. “And I’m not saying that he should be legal to go buy a beer, but I’m saying, how is it possible that we can have minors to go buy a gun? I don’t have the answer to it.”

James also had some of his 330 Ambassadors sponsored by the LeBron James Family foundation at the march.

On Saturday, NBA star LeBron James tweeted support for students marching for gun control, but it was only four years ago that he visited the gun range shooting fully automatic firearms.

When James shot machine guns, he was at Lock & Load Miami. He shot an H&K MP5 and a M-249 SAW. Unlike AR-15s, both of the guns James fired are fully automatic weapons.

And it was only two years ago that he walked toward the sidelines of an NBA court gesturing with this hands as if cocking a pistol then firing a round.