WATCH: Muslim Terrorist Trying to Convert Prisoners to Islam , Gets Beat Down

It seems Canada’s prisoners know how to deal best with Muslims jihadists than their own government does. In a released video by Canadian officials Carlos Larmond, who is facing terrorism-related charges, got a beat down by two other prisoners after he attempted to convert him to Islam.

The incident occurred at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre. Video of the incident , shows two men viciously attack Larmond with a flurry of punches and kicks while surrounded by other inmates. At one point in the video one of the men appears to drop an object on Larmond before he is able to get to his feet and is escorted out by correctional officers.

Terrence Wilson, was sentenced to 60 days in jail for assault causing bodily harm related in the attack. Paolo Giancaterino, the lawyer representing Wilson who submitted the video as evidence, said Larmond had tried to convert his client to Islam on several occasions.

The efforts turned from friendly to aggressive, though, and Larmond eventually told Wilson “he was going to kill him in his cell,” Giancaterino said. Carlos Larmond suffered a broken left hand, a black eye and multiple scrapes and bruises in the beating, according to police.

Take a look….

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This kind of Islamic Dawah missionary activity is how Muslims come to dominate prisons in Western countries. But it’s usually better organized than this and Carlos seems to have picked the wrong men to preach the Koran’s scripture of hate to.