WATCH: Obama Operating ‘Secret War Room’Just Miles Away From White House – This Is Terrifying

As we all known Democrats want to see President Trump fail. Obama’s top secret war room came into the discussion, and we are beyond disgusted by what we learned. Ex-president Barack Obama plots against current one just two miles from White House, critic claims.

As it turns out, according to Daily Mail, Obama has a “war room” just two miles away from the White House. It was established as a place where Democrats in high power can discuss ways to destroy President Trump by any means necessary. The former president has set up an office on the West End of the national’s capitol, where he recently hosted an open house for his White House staff – including Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Josh Earnest and Jarrett. But the office, part of his post presidency perks, cannot be used for political purposes. The rent on his home is paid by him personally.

As the Gateway Pundit reported, Morris, an ex-aide to former President Bill Clinton and political pollster alleged in a recent podcast on his website that Obama has teamed up with a group of loyalists to plot on how they can wreck Trump’s presidency.

Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris claimed that Obama’s new war room in Washington, D.C., is just minutes from the White House and the ex-President and his operatives hold two conference calls every day to discuss talking points they can promote to the media. Morris claimed that Obama “embedded his employees deep within the bowels” of certain agencies in appointed jobs and it could take Trump a year to get rid of them.

“Calls are held 8:30 am est and 9:45 am est. Kathleen Sebelius, former Health and Human Services head, and Andrew Slavitt, former head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, are both active in the secret group.” Morris added

Some of the people involved in the group include Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services head, and Andrew Slavitt, former head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The war room is run by Leslie Dash, one of Obama’s top people on Obamacare. They’re coordinating an anti-Repeal effort and consulting with other organizations in that effort.

According to Morris, that’s the ‘overt’ part of the resistance. The covert part of the resistance, according to him, is the moles buried within the Trump administration who are leaking to sabotage Trump.