WATCH: POTUS Trump RIPS Obama at National Jamboree ” Boy Scouts Chant – WE LOVE TRUMP!”

President Trump delivered a rousing speech at the National Jamboree in West Virginia, celebrating their contributions to their country.

“You are the young people of character and integrity who will serve as leaders of our communities and uphold the sacred values of our nation,” Trump said.

The massive crowd of tens of thousands of boy scouts cheered the president at the jamboree. The crowd was enormous – nearly 40,000 people! Trump is the eighth president to attend National Scout Jamboree, which is typically held every four year.
Trump took a jab at his predecessor for not attending. President Trump ripped Barack Obama for NEVER attending a jamboree. When the president asked whether Mr. Obama ever attended a National Jamboree, the crowd roared.

“I just want to know,” said Mr. Trump. “The answer is no. But we’ll be back.”

The massive crowd grumbled then started chanting

“We love Trump! We love Trump!… “

Trump also told the crowd that the news media likely would not accurately report the level of support he was shown at the jamboree and predicted that the news media would report it was a small crowd. “Fake media. Fake news,” he said to applause.

The scouts have been a cultural institution ignored and belittled by the ruling class and their media for the last two decades.The president noted the large number of former Boy Scouts serving in the administration, including 10 on his Cabinet.

“‘The United States has no better citizens than its Boy Scouts,” he said. “Boy Scout values are American values and great Boy Scouts became great, great Americans.”

President also called out Republican lawmakers for so far failing to keep their promise to repeal Obamacare.

“After seven years of trying to repeal and replace and Obamacare, they better do it,” said Mr. Trump.