WATCH: Tomi Lahren is Back and Issues Urgent Trump Message

The 24-year-old Tomi Lahren has returned, and she has a powerful message for the world. She tells us that we should all be supportive of Donald Trump’s war against ISIS and terrorism. This comes after some isolationists complained about Trump’s foreign policy. However, Trump made a promise to us; he is going to stop radical Islam, and we accept.

I’m back…and I have some Final Thoughts on The Trump Doctrine. Consider it his contribution to your lovely safe space. You’re welcome.

“This is America first and we are sending a message to the world. We are playing a new game, and we have a president who actually wants to win the game.”

“The apology tour is over,” which is an obvious reference to Obama’s failed foreign policy debacle. Tomi also mentions that we have a president who is willing to enforce red lines, unlike Obama.

In Meantime Tomi Lahren asks judge to hold Glenn Beck, The Blaze in contempt over Daily Caller article FILED UNDER. Tomi Lahren on Thursday asked a Dallas County judge to hold Glenn Beck and his right-wing media firm The Blaze in contempt of court over a news story that attacked Lahren. Lahren’s lawyer, Brian Lauten, alleged in court records that it was clearly Blaze employees who anonymously slammed Lahren in a story Wednesday by The Daily Caller, a conservative website, titled “EXCLUSIVE: The Inside Story Of How Tomi Lahren Flamed Out At The Blaze.”

The filing came three days after the judge ordered both sides not to publicly criticize each other.

“It took no less than 48 hours for [Beck and The Blaze] to violate this Court’s order,” the filing said. “This Court should immediately get to the bottom of what appears to be a very transparent attempt at a public smear campaign by Defendants.”

The mainstream media loves to attack Lahren. They have shown time and time again that they have no decency and no standards. Lahren was one of the few journalists with the courage to attack former president Obama. Lahren was one of the few journalists who was ready to support Trump, despite the so-called “Never Trumpers.”

Thankfully, Donald Trump and his administration has helped the media industry. Trump has exposed the mainstream media and has created an environment where journalists like Lahren can succeed and thrive. We should all support Lahren.