WATCH: Tomi Lahren Taking On Socialism and Bernie Sanders

Tomi Lahren is back with her second video and this time is taking down socialism, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and every other fruity liberal who wants free things. In her trademark style. Tomi wastes no time getting down to business. Ripping straight to the core of liberal values and claims. Sanders, has been preaching socialism for nearly half a century, and he cites Eugene Debs, the five-time presidential candidate of the Socialist Party of America, as his hero.

“Socialist” — the word is a loaded term and often a rhetorical weapon. But Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., seems to proudly claim it.

“Do they think I’m afraid of the word? I’m not afraid of the word,” he said in an interview with The Nation published in July. “When I ran for the Senate the first time, I ran against the wealthiest guy in the state of Vermont. He spent a lot on advertising — very ugly stuff. He kept attacking me as a liberal. He didn’t use the word ‘socialist’ at all, because everybody in the state knows that I am that.”

“It’s poverty for the people while that almighty government continues to enrich itself, that’s socialism. Over the last year, 74% of Venezuela have lost 20lbs each, military controls the food supply, that’s socialism. Bernie Sanders and Lizzy Warren can put whatever adjective they want in front of it, but it all turns out the same way”. – Tomi Lahren

Socialism Sucks. Capitalism creates innovation. Socialism creates a black market for toilet paper. Take a look at how well it’s working out in Venezuela!

The best thing for Tomi Lahren was to say adios to Glenn Beck and the Blaze. The lawsuits are firing, and she, well take a look…Impressive. Isn’t it great to see her back? She’s finally cutting right to the core of the real issues. Mainstream, liberals…they have no answer for this.