WATCH: Woman Waving American Flag Dragged By Protester At FreeSpeechRally In Boston

Thousands of left-wing activists, including Antifa, counter-protested are under way today in free speech rally in Boston.

John Medlar of the Boston Free Speech Coalition, which organized the event, is a 23-year-old student at Fitchburg State College. He told CBS News correspondent DeMarco Morgan that his group will not tolerate hate speech.

“Reasonable people on both sides who are tolerant enough to not resort to violence when they hear something they disagree with, reasonable people who are actually willing to listen to each other, need to come together and start promoting that instead of letting all of these fringe groups on the left and the right determine what we can and cannot say,” Medlar said.

Unfortunately ,patriotic woman was attacked and dragged through a park by one of the far-left thugs. Fox News Channel captured the attack on video.A grey-haired woman holding a large American flag was attacked as she stood alongside a march of Alt-Left counter-protesters to a Free Speech rally.

Video posted by Fox News shows an Alt-Left counter-protester grabbing the flag from the woman and then dragging her for about ten yards as she tries to hold on to her flag.
Yes, we have a hate problem in America. And until we’re all brave enough to name it and shame it, women bearing American flags will continue to be assaulted , maybe and worse.